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Nick Pinto

Nick Pinto served two tours as staff writer at the Village Voice. His reporting has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Gothamist, The New Republic, Rolling Stone, The Intercept, and elsewhere.

Eric Adams Neglected to Mention That the FBI Seized His Phones

Investigators reportedly took the Mayor's devices Monday night, a fact he did not disclose at a Wednesday press conference.

Rikers So Broken Even the Monitor Whose Job Is to Know How Broken It Is Now Says He Has No Idea

In a new report, the court monitor overseeing NYC jails calls the Adams administration's resistance to reform an "insurmountable impediment."

November 10, 2023

You Can Now Film in NYPD Precincts, Thanks to This YouTuber

SeanPaul Reyes won a temporary injunction in federal court last Thursday. The very next day, he was livestreaming in the 75th Precinct with a copy of the court order in his hand.

November 8, 2023

What the Hell Just Happened With NYC Mayor Eric Adams?

The mayor's day began with a flight to D.C. and ended with a federal investigation of his campaign and the government of Turkey.

Eric Adams Does Not Want to Be Asked About Kawaski Trawick

The mayor won’t even admit he’s read reporting documenting the whitewash of an NYPD killing.

November 1, 2023

The NYPD Is Still Policing Protests Like It’s 2020

The NYPD’s handling of a pro-Palestinian rally in Bay Ridge Saturday would have violated the George Floyd protest settlement.

October 24, 2023

Summoned to Testify Before Watchdog, NYC Jails Chief Just Doesn’t Show Up

Is it still an oversight hearing if the agency being overseen just ditches it?

October 17, 2023

Judge Issues Another Order Telling Rikers Officials to Obey Her Previous Orders

Continued failure to follow court orders, the judge writes, “may result in additional orders.”

October 11, 2023

Eric Adams Still Can’t Say Whether NYPD Ran Out the Clock on Accountability for Kawaski Trawick’s Killers

"They held all the evidence that they needed to prosecute these officers."

October 10, 2023