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Max Rivlin-Nadler

Max Rivlin-Nadler is a co-publisher of Hell Gate. He's reported for Gothamist, The New York Times, Village Voice and NPR. You can find him walking his dog, Stiva, or surfing in the Rockaways.

Nosh Pit

Eric Adams: I Will Protect NYC Outdoor Dining And Make Sure the Municipal Lemonade Is Palatable to All Palates

While “knocking down” an abandoned shed, Mayor Eric Adams made clear that his administration won’t be cowed by a small group of dissenting voices.

Morning Spew

It’s Thursday, and You Won’t Believe Why Trader Joe’s Shut Down Their Wine Store

Heading into the busiest stretch of the year, Trader Joe’s closed its only wine shop. Workers say it’s union-busting.

August 18, 2022
Critters of New York

Humpback Whales Are Having Too Much Fun in NYC

As sharks and humans are having a tough time in the city’s waters, the whales are going off.

August 15, 2022

The Best NYC Season is Empty Time Summertime

Summer’s homestretch is New York’s greatest season, time to take advantage.

August 12, 2022
Morning Spew

It’s Thursday, and We Need to Talk About Water

“Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” –Derek Zoolander

Fresh Hell

While Politicians Use Asylum Seekers to Score Points, NYC’s Mutual Aid Groups Are Actually Helping Them

City government has taken a backseat to the efforts of volunteers, who are trying to help migrants navigate New York’s shelter system and land on their feet.

August 10, 2022
Going Places

How to Get Rockaway Rocket-pilled

Will expedited ferry service to the Rockaways save the City’s money-suck of a ferry system?


What the Hell Is Going on With NYC Schools Funding?

Parents, educators, and public school advocates have spent the summer battling for the restoration of funds.

August 6, 2022
Nosh Pit

The Future of Open Restaurants Is Somehow Still Wide Open

Lawsuits, more lawsuits, and a ceaseless pandemic might mean the glorious sheds remain during a steamy summer and possibly into infinity.