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Max Rivlin-Nadler

Max Rivlin-Nadler is a co-publisher of Hell Gate. He’s reported for Gothamist, The New York Times, Village Voice and NPR. You can find him walking his dog, Stiva, or surfing in the Rockaways.

The Cam’ron MetroCard Is a Fitting Send-Off

Killa Cam will help commuters avoid OMNY through 2024.

After Telling Them There’s ‘No Room’ in NYC, Mayor Adams Now Says Sheltering Migrants Is the ‘Right Thing to Do’

The mayor would very much like someone else to help pay for all this, while threatening further cuts to city programs.

Comptroller: New York Really, Really Needs To Hustle To Hit Climate Goals

As the world burns, New York is in real danger of missing its once-heralded climate compact.

August 1, 2023

Will the City Finally Take Over Citi Bike?

Lyft is probably getting rid of Citi Bike—so what happens now?

Life at a Migrant Respite Center in Midtown: ‘Sometimes People Fight Just Because It’s So Hot in There’

There's no air-conditioning, conditions are cramped, and inexperienced staff are from a contractor with no experience running shelters.

Actors Join the Writers on the Picket Line: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence’

A roiling hot summer of labor action has basically shut down the entertainment industry.

July 14, 2023

Just How Close Is This Straw Donor Scandal to Eric Adams?

You have questions, we have answers (and some revelations!).