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Hell Gate

A new outlet owned and run by journalists covering New York City, with a mixture of blog posts, features, columns, and investigations.

Friday Means It’s Time For the Weekend to Reign

Blue sky, Queen dead, NYCHA's chair still apparently lives in Minnesota?!!

September 9, 2022

Thursday is the First Day of School and We’ve Almost Given Up

School is back in session, a DHS cop punched a 21-year-old asylum seeker, and more of what we're reading today.

September 8, 2022

It’s Wednesday and CNN Asks: Why Do Stenography For Cops When You Can Just Hire One?

Plus: a woman collects good trash, a city agency sits empty, and if kids could vote the city would never have been able to abolish snow days as it just did.

September 7, 2022

We’re Not Ready for Fall, So Let’s Start This Week on a Tuesday

Pictures from the return of J’Ouvert, arsenic in the water at NYCHA’s Jacob Riis Houses, and more news we’re reading.

September 6, 2022

It’s Friday, and New York City Is a Union Town

Good news for the Amazon Labor Union, Mayor Eric Adams continues to blame teenager Tamani Crum for being decked by a cop, and more of what we're reading.

September 2, 2022

It’s Thursday, and Mayor Adams Says You Can Maybe Punch a Teenage Girl in the Face If You’re in a ‘High Stressful Environment’

Eric Adams is urging the public to not jump to any conclusions about cops with records of misconduct who punch 19-year-old girls, and more.

September 1, 2022

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Walk with us a while through Hell Gate's sweet-smelling sausage factory.

August 29, 2022

Drink Tuesday Up Through a Salty Meat Straw

It's (another) primary day, Mayor Adams is still salty over questions about his penchant for nightlife, and more of what we're thinking about today.

August 23, 2022

Down With a Case of the Pre-Primary Mondays

A strange summer primary season draws to a close, Eric Adams eats more fish, and other news we're reading today.

August 22, 2022