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Esther Wang

Prior to Hell Gate, Esther was a senior politics reporter at Jezebel and a columnist for the New Republic.

Manhattan’s Chinatown Is Getting a ‘Welcome Arch.’ Why?

"If you look at other Chinatowns, arches become sad markers of a once vibrant and thriving community. In some ways, it becomes a tombstone for dying Chinatowns."

January 29, 2024

Comedian Jes Tom Is Here to Help You Be ‘Less Lonely’

Tom has been busy with their (terrific) solo show, but there are some things on the horizon they're excited about.

January 4, 2024

Why Has It Rained Every Weekend in NYC and When Will it Stop?

John Homenuk, of New York Metro Weather fame, explains what's been going on in the atmosphere lately.

October 18, 2023

Two Conflicted Dog Owners Discuss Whether to Let the Subway Run Over a Dog

Is saving one innocent dog's life worth all of this trouble to innocent commuters?

All About That (Striped) Bass, New York’s Most Beloved and Politicized Fish

In which our OnlyFins columnist devotes her life to striped bass.

The Only Good Place in Albany Is the Women’s Bathroom on the Second Floor

The politics stink, but at least the bathrooms are nice.

April 24, 2023