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Christopher Robbins

Chris is an editor and co-founder at Hell Gate. He spent a decade working for Gothamist, a year at the Village Voice, and has written for New York Magazine and Streetsblog.

The MTA Wants $750K From the NYC Marathon. They Should Charge Drivers an Extra Cent Instead

Reminder: $750,000 is 0.48 percent of what taxpayers spent on the NYPD's overtime pay in the subway system last year.

The Winners & Losers of NYC’s Congestion Pricing Plan

Winners: Planet Earth, drivers, Andrew Cuomo. Losers: Phil Murphy, car brain, Andrew Cuomo.

Yes, His Top Aide Was Sued for Sexual Harassment, but Mayor Adams Raises a Good Point: 9/11

A mayor of NYC invoking the heroism of first responders on 9/11 to avoid answering substantive questions—what, is it 2007?

Top Aide to Mayor Adams Accused of Sexually Harassing NYPD Sergeant and Retaliating Against Her for Reporting It

The lawsuit against Timothy Pearson is the third instance of a member of the mayor's inner circle being accused of sexual misconduct against a lower-ranking NYPD officer.

March 21, 2024

Powerful New York Lawmakers Call for Good Cause Eviction—Kind Of

Meanwhile, Governor Kathy Hochul has been skeptical of passing new tenant protections.

March 13, 2024

Hochul Is Sending the National Guard Into the Subway to Search Your Bag Because of Vibes

Why bag searches? Hochul explained that the goal was to create a "psychological effect on would-be wrongdoers." 

NYPD Chief Wrongfully Accuses a Judge Then Insists That the Lesson Here Is That the NYPD Is Trustworthy: A Play in Three Acts

The lesson? The NYPD should be entrusted with the fate of people's lives without benefit of a trial.

An Interview With the NYC Filmmakers Behind ‘American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders’

Zachary Treitz and Christian Hansen spent years reporting this story involving murder, treachery, and high-ranking government officials.

Trader Joe’s Quietly Argues That the NLRB Is Unconstitutional: ‘They Just Don’t Care About Workers’ Rights’

Workers at the Essex Crossing location on the Lower East Side say that this escalation of anti-union tactics can be felt in their store.