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Christopher Robbins

Chris is an editor at Hell Gate. He spent nearly a decade working for Gothamist, and has written for New York Magazine and Streetsblog.

The Cops

The NYPD Messed With the Wrong Cyclist: License Plate Vigilante Beats Case, Vows to Sue Police

Adam White plans on suing the City and the NYPD for false arrest, and the driver for making false claims.

Eternal City

Let’s All Marvel at the Giant Tree We Murdered And Dragged Into Midtown Manhattan

A Norway spruce might live 300 years or longer, but this one would have to die.

Going Places

A Very Moynihan Train Hall Thanksgiving: ‘Wow, I Can’t Even Sit Down?’

Hell Gate tours the brand new train hall on its most-traveled holiday weekend

Correct Opinions

Listen Up, Turkeys: The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Time Is 8 p.m.

Most Thanksgiving stressors stem from the massive mid-day meal.

The Cops

The NYPD Held a 28 Minute Meeting About Public Safety in Tompkins Square Park

"We're not gonna solve the problems of the world! We just want the park closed at midnight!"

November 17, 2022
Fresh Hell

Lee Zeldin Caravan Featured Thin Blue Line Flags, Vehicles With Hundreds of Speeding Tickets

A public records search reveals hundreds of traffic violations from just a few participants.

The Cops

There Can Never Be Enough Cops in the Subway

No amount of police can ever stem the "perception" of subway crime.

Going Places

The Keepers of Gramercy Park Do Not Like Their New Citi Bike Dock

There might be millions of Citi Bike riders, but there is only one Gramercy Park.