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Christopher Robbins

Chris is an editor at Hell Gate. He spent nearly a decade working for Gothamist, and his work appears in New York Magazine and Streetsblog NYC.


What Was the Point of NYC Councilmember Vickie Paladino Tweeting This Video?

The video appeals to both the simmering grievances of certain homeowners, and because people enjoy seeing Paladino get a taste of her own medicine. 

August 16, 2022
Morning Spew

Mondays Are For Sending the Crazy Rich Prosecutor to Congress

Also: $20 for crudites vegetables? What is Joe Biden even DOING down there?

August 15, 2022
Going Places

This Congestion Pricing Freak Out Reminds Us of Something Big and Blue

Remember when Citi Bike was going to destroy public life as we knew it?

Eric Adams

A Cancer Diagnosis is Not Enough to Work From Home in the Adams Administration

While NYC's private sector has largely embraced a hybrid work schedule, the mayor has taken an increasingly hard line on getting municipal workers back into the office.

August 11, 2022
Correct Opinions

Sorry, This Is Not a Salad

The New York Times wants us to believe that cutting up four avocados and tossing some oil and herbs on it is a salad.

Morning Spew

Another Hot One in the Big Onion

Summer Streets, the race for NY-10, and other stuff we're thinking about.

Fresh Hell

There’s Still 50 Coffee Filters of Summer Left

"Time is money" is a thing that people like to say but those people should try actually holding time in their hands this way, dozens of crisp filters pressed together like a literal wad of cash.

August 3, 2022
Going Places

The Hudson River Greenway Needs to Eat Some of the West Side Highway to Thrive

Elected officials are asking the state DOT to turn a lane of traffic on the West Side Highway into a two-way protected bike lane.

Going Places

Drama at the MTA

Covering the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is never dull, but this week was a doozy.

Porcelain New York

A Brighton Beach Bathroom to Remember

This is the domain of Hazel Chatman, a 75-year-old seasonal Parks Department worker who has been overseeing beach bathrooms for 28 years.