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Christopher Robbins

Chris is an editor at Hell Gate. He spent a decade working for Gothamist, and has written for New York Magazine and Streetsblog.

Literally Everyone Wants a Break on NYC’s Congestion Pricing Tolls

No matter what these bureaucrats do, lots of drivers are going to hate them.

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same: James Dolan Has a $2 Billion Sphere

Sphere is art. Sphere is life. Don't fight it, give in to Sphere.

Adams Administration Says Adams Administration Did a Great Job With That Wildfire Smoke

The head of Emergency Management called the response a "good blueprint for future events."

Eric Adams’s Rough Week Ends With Criminal Charges Against His 2021 Campaign Supporters

A group of Adams supporters, including a former NYPD Inspector, allegedly conspired to funnel illegal cash to the mayor's campaign.

The DOT Wanted to Speed Up Buses in the Bronx. These Powerful Suburbanites Had Other Plans.

None of the seven leaders who wrote to Mayor Adams opposing the Fordham Road busway live in the Bronx.

Yep, That’s an Indiana Jones Movie Announcement on Your Subway Platform

"Announcement systems should only be used for actual important transit announcements."

June 20, 2023

‘The Drivers Have No Respect’

As the City moves to eliminate nearly 500 crossing guard positions, we spoke to one about how the job's gotten tougher after COVID.

‘We’re Inhaling Fire’: Scenes from NYC’s New Normal

"I can't stay at home, I need to make money. This is my bread and butter."

Lower Manhattan’s Internet Is Down

"It's affecting multiple layers of government," one City Council staffer told us.